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Authors: Eftalea Carpus, Angela Dorogan, Emilia Visileanu, Mircea Ignat, Gelu Onose, Dimitrie Nanu, Ioana Carpus, Maria Buzdugan, Marcela Radu
Abstract: There is a critical need of integrating the basic electronics technologies, sensors, computers and communications into textiles, so that these, until now passive, to be able to be changed into interactive, intelligent information infrastructure in order to facilitate the personalized mobile information processing to the end user. A field with a special application potential of the intelligent textiles is the medical field. The paper will present a knitted textile product having an attached resistive sensor meant for monitoring the foetus heart rate during the intrauterine development period.
Authors: Mircea Ignat, George Zarnescu
Abstract: The paper present a type of nano and manipulators which are based on structure of the magnetic bacterium, which is described. There are presented a theoretical study and analisys of the micromechanic circuit with elastic and damper elements, the micromagnetic circuit ( with micromagnetic specific characteristics) and also the electromechanic analogy aspects of the magnetic bacterium. The authors propose some nano and micromanipulators based on the structure of the chain of magnetic bacterium which include the nano or micro magnetic particles. The calculus, electromechanical modeling and experiments of this nano or microstructure what work and in the fluid medium are presented. There are evidenced the possible aspects on microrobotics and application field.
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