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Authors: Pavel Koštial, Ivan Ružiak, Zdenĕk Jonšta, Miroslav Tvrdý
Abstract: In this paper, we present the results of complex thermo-mechanical analysis (CTMA). In the technical point of view CTMA contains both thermovision camera and tensile machine which are in a perpendicular position. We have measured the cooling curve of the sample after its tensile deformation. On the basis of an exponential model of cooling body with respect to Biot number Bi value it is possible to calculate the specific heat capacity , thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity . The method has been tested on a variety of materials and the results have been compared to those in charts or obtained by reference independent experiments. We obtained a very good agreement of all gathered experimental results with those of comparative ones. We also measured mechanical properties of materials such as yield stress, tensile strength, Young´s modulus of elasticity and ductility.
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