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Authors: Nemat Changizi, Mahbubeh Moghadas, Mohamad Reza Dastranj, Mohsen Farshad
Abstract: In this paper, an intelligent speed controller for DC motor is designed by combination of the fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. First, the speed controller is designed according to fuzzy rules such that the DC drive is fundamentally robust. Then, to improve the DC drive performance, parameters of the fuzzy speed controller are optimized by using the genetic algorithm. Simulation works in MATLAB environment demonstrate that the genetic optimized fuzzy speed controller became very strong, gives very good results and possesses good robustness.
Authors: Assef Zare, Mahboubeh Moghaddas, Mohamad Reza Dastranj, Nemat Changizi
Abstract: Wide amplitude, DC motor's speed and their facile control cause its great application in industries. Generally the DC motors gain speed by armature voltage control or field control. The suggestion method in this paper is using sliding mode fuzzy control for DC motors robust control. The result is showing by use of this method we can't see any oscillation in responses and the time for reaching the normal speed is very short.
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