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Authors: Sharin Ab Ghani, Yasmin Hanum Md Thayoob, Young Zaidey Yang Ghazali, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Khiar, Imran Sutan Chairul, Mohd Safwan Mohamad
Abstract: Distribution transformer in Malaysian electricity network is categorized as major element on delivering electricity throughout the nation. Advanced diagnostic tools are used to monitor any technical problem of transformer to sustain its capability in the long run. One type of it which is currently being used in worldwide is Frequency Response Analysis (FRA). The reliability from this method is proven worldwide in diagnosing transformer condition especially a mechanical movement. FRA technique is done by comparing the response result in transformer initial condition to its current condition. The interpretation of transformer condition from the response is based on frequency sub-bands. Each frequency sub-bands are indicating any movement parts of transformer and electrical faults. Currently, there are three worldwide standards established for interpreting the FRA results but both of them are different in frequency sub-bands range. Up to now, there are no research papers comparing the fault detection capabilities from frequency sub-bands range for both standards. In this paper, comparative study is done to visualize and interpret the capabilities from three standards (IEEE Std C57.149 2012, DL/T911-2004 and Cigre WG A2/26); by focus on the frequency sub-bands range.
Authors: Hafizah Md Nor, Chin Kim Gan, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Khiar
Abstract: Electrical energy is critical resources for all nation building activities in order to keep prosper economy side for the nation. Therefore, demand for electricity is on the ever increasing side in both industrial and domestic levels. This paper presents a basic technique using a fuzzy logic technique for managing the power consumption at residence level by focusing on water heater (WH) load control. It aims to increase the utilization of electricity supply system. The proposed algorithm in this paper is shown to design a model for load management during peak hours and off peak hours at domestic level by developing the preference setting. Then, simulation results are expected to show the effectiveness of the fuzzy logic controller in demand side management (DSM) strategy.
Authors: Imran Sutan Chairul, Yasmin Hanum Md Thayoob, Young Zaidey Yang Ghazali, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Khiar, Sharin Ab Ghani
Abstract: Examples of solid and liquid electrical insulations for power transformer are mineral oil and cellulose based paper. As transformers performed their function to step-up or step-down voltage level, its’ insulations will be degraded. Paper insulation is considered the most critical component in a transformer insulation system because it is not easily replaced if compared to oil where it is easily reconditioned in-order to remove water and contaminants. Studies show that temperature, moisture contents and oxygen contributed to paper insulation degradation. Moisture and furanic compound were produced from these deterioration processes. This paper is focused on the formation and effect of moisture to Kraft paper’s life. Levels of moisture contents were obtained from in-service power distribution transformers. These data then is used to assess the Kraft paper’s life by means of Weibull plot. This study shows that level of moisture contents can be used to assess the life of Kraft paper insulation.
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