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Authors: Moissei K. Sheinkman, L.V. Borkovskaya, B.R. Dzhymaev, I.A. Drozdova, Nadejda E. Korsunskaya, I.V. Markevich, A.F. Singaevsky
Authors: Hans Jürgen von Bardeleben, Moissei K. Sheinkman, Christian Delerue, Michel Lannoo
Authors: N.E. Korsunskaya, I.V. Markevich, E.P. Shulga, I.A. Drozdova, Moissei K. Sheinkman
Authors: I.A. Buyanova, Sergei S. Ostapenko, A.U. Savchuk, Moissei K. Sheinkman
Authors: Sergei S. Ostapenko, Moissei K. Sheinkman
Authors: Sergei S. Ostapenko, Moissei K. Sheinkman
Authors: I.A. Buyanova, Anne Henry, Bo Monemar, J. Lennart Lindström, Moissei K. Sheinkman, G.S. Oehrlein
Authors: M. Baran, L. Khomenkova, N. Korsunska, T. Stara, Moissei K. Sheinkman, V. Yukhymchuk, V. Khomenkov, Y. Goldstein, J. Jedrzejewski, E. Savir
Abstract: The aging process of silicon nanostructures obtained by magnetron sputtering and electrochemical etching is investigated by photoluminescence and Raman scattering methods. It is shown that oxidation of silicon crystallites takes place in both types of structures and results in appearance of additional emission bands. However the degree of oxidation in etched structures exceeds significantly this value for sputtered samples. It is found that the intensity and spectral position of the emission band caused by exciton recombination in Si crystallites do not change practically during aging in sputtered structures in contrast to etched ones. It is shown that the oxidation of silicon amorphous phase occur during aging in sputtered structures.
Authors: A.E. Belyaev, Hans Jürgen von Bardeleben, M.L. Fille, E. Oborina, Yu.S. Ryabchenko, A.U. Savchuk, Moissei K. Sheinkman
Authors: Sergei S. Ostapenko, Nadejda E. Korsunskaya, Moissei K. Sheinkman
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