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Authors: Jingyu Hyeon Lee, Yi Yeol Lyu, Mong Sup Lee, Jin Heong Yim, Sang Youl Kim
Abstract: Poly(methyl-co-cyclosiloxane bearing silsesquioxane)s (P(M-co-CSSQs)) were prepared. Using poly(e-caprolactone) (PCL) as a template, PCL / P(M-co-CSSQ) nanohybrid films were fabricated. The electrical, morphological, and mechanical properties of the PCL / P(M-co-CSSQ) films were investigated. The dielectric constant of a cured PCL / P(M-co-CSSQ) film at 420°C scaled down from 2.55 to 2.05 and refractive index from 1.41 to 1.33 when 20 vol. % of the PCL was admixed with the polymer matrix. The elastic modulus and hardness of the cured PCL / P(Mco- CSSQ) (2:8, vol./vol.) film were 2.50 and 0.32 GPa, respectively, showing dependency on the PCL content.
Authors: Mong Sup Lee, Sang Yong Kim, Ji Hoon Cha, Jeong Nam Han, Im Soo Park, Kun Tack Lee, Chang Ki Hong, Han Ku Cho, Joo Tae Moon
Authors: Chang Hyun Kim, Min Sang Yun, Tae Ho Hwang, Chang Hyeon Nam, Si Chul Kim, Jung Hun Roh, Mong Sup Lee, Jung Soo An
Abstract: As the DRAM design rule has been smaller, the leaning normally occurred in storage pattern with high aspect ratio also appears in STI (shallow trench isolation) pattern of sub 4Xnm device. IPA (isopropyl alcohol) showing the excellent ability to replace DIW (de-ionized water) is necessary in order to meet the leaning free condition, because the spin drying method cannot satisfy with leaning free condition.
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