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Authors: Hiroshi Ohtani, N. Hanaya, Mitsuhiro Hasebe
Abstract: A thermodynamic analysis of the Fe−M−P (M = Nb, Ti) ternary system has been performed by combining first-principles calculations with the CALPHAD approach. Because of the lack of experimental information available, thermodynamic properties of orthorhombic anti-PbCl2-type FeMP were evaluated using the Full Potential Linearized Augmented Plane Wave method, and the estimated values were introduced into a CALPHAD-type thermodynamic analysis. Applying this procedure, the phase diagrams of the Fe−M−P ternary phase diagrams whose contents are uncertain so far were calculated with a high degree of probability. Phase diagrams for high-purity ferritic stainless steels obtained following the same procedure are also presented.
Authors: T. Tokunaga, N. Hanaya, Hiroshi Ohtani, Mitsuhiro Hasebe
Abstract: A thermodynamic analysis of the Fe-Mn-P ternary system has been carried out using the CALPHAD method. Among the three binary systems relevant to this ternary phase diagram, the thermodynamic parameters of the Mn-P binary system were evaluated in this study. The enthalpy of formation of the binary phosphides obtained from our first-principles calculations was utilized in the present analysis to compensate for the lack of available experimental data. The thermodynamic descriptions of the Fe-Mn and Fe-P binary systems were taken from previous studies. The phase equilibria in the Fe-Mn-P ternary system were analysed based on the experimental data on the phase boundaries. The calculated phase diagrams are in agreement with the experimental results.
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