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Authors: V.R. Shayapov, M. Rumyantsev, N.I. Fainer, B.M. Ayupov
Abstract: The SiCxNyHz Films Were Prepared by PECVD Method Using Organosilicon Volatile Compound Hexamethyldisilazane as a Precursor. Some Important Physical and Chemical Properties Were Studied by the Complex of Modern Physical Methods. It Was Shown that at Low Deposition Temperatures the Films Contain the Chemical Bonds of Organic Nature and Have Low Values of Young’s Modulus, Refractive Index and Density. They Possess High Elasticity which Indicates to their Polymeric-Like Structure. At Higher Deposition Temperatures the Films Are Inorganic Composite Materials Consisting of Amorphous Part and Nanocrystals of Graphite and Silicon Nitride. Decrease in Optical Band Gap and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Is Observed with Deposition Temperature Increase.
Authors: E.A. Maximovski, N.I. Fainer, M. Rumyantsev
Abstract: Thin nanocrystalline CdS and CdxZn1-xS films have been synthesized on InP(100), Si(100), GaAs (100), sapphire(100) and fused silica substrates at low pressure (5 × 10-2-2 × 10 -1Torr)and in the temperature range of 473-673 K by remote plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RPECVD) using Cd(S2CN(C2H5)2)2·C12H8N2 and Cd/Zn(S2CN(C2H5)2)2·C10H8N2 as single-source precursors. The influence of deposition conditions and type of substrates on physical and chemical properties of these films has been studied by X-ray diffraction of synchrotron radiation, HREM, SEM, SAED, ellipsometry, IR- and Raman spectroscopies, and EDS.
Authors: E.A. Maximovski, Gennagiy S. Yurjev, M.L. Kosinova, N.I. Fainer, M. Rumyantsev
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