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Authors: Nan Liu Liu, Hong Yu Zhen, Wei Xu
Abstract: High efficient white polymer light-emitting diodes (WPLEDs) were fabricated with blue- fluorescent polymers(PFO) and yellow- phosphorescent polymers(PFCz2-NPYIrm5) blending as light emitting layer, and a water/alcohol-soluble polymer poly [(9,9-bis(3′-((N,N-dimethyl)-N-ethylammonium)propyl)-2,7-fluorene)-2,7-(9,9-dioctylfluorene) - 4,7-(2,1,3- benzoselenadiazole)]dibromide(PFN) as electron injection layer. The structure of the devices used here is: ITO/PEDOT-PSS(40nm)/PVK(30nm)/PFO: PFCz2-NPYIrm5 (60nm)/PFN(20nm)/Ba(4nm)/Al(120nm). When the doping concentration of PFCz2-NPYIrm5 was 1% and PFN film thickness was about 20nm, the EL emissions from the host and the guests were observed simultaneously and the efficient white light emission with coordinates of (0.34,0.32) was achieved. A maximum external quantum efficiency of 4.8% and luminous efficiency of 6.6cd/A was obtained at 8.5V.
Authors: Nan Liu Liu, Wei Xu
Abstract: Ultra-long highly ordered organic nanowires arrays were in situ self-assembled directly on the silicon substrate over a large area based on solution process. The location and the orientation of the nanowires arrays can be easily tuned and controlled by optimizing the motion of the substrate and the solvent evaporation rate during dip-coating process. By precisely adjusting the motion of the substrate, the length limits for nanowires in array caused by the sticking-slipping motion of the contact line in a concentrated solution have been successfully broken through. The longest nanowires array with a length of around 1000µm was obtained from concentrated solution.
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