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Authors: Nian Qin Guo, Hong Min Lou, Wei Ping Huang
Abstract: Basing on the traditional vibrating screen with double amplitudes and different frequency, a new type vibrating screen called combining vibrating screen is developed. It consists of two vibrating screen units. Each unit has an independent vibration exciter, realizing that one screen unit has a parameter of high-frequency with small-amplitude while the other screen unit has a parameter of low-frequency with large-amplitude. The two screen units are installed at different obliquities, so that the equal thickness screening principle can be realized. And comparing with the traditional vibrating screen, its screening efficiency and capacity are greatly improved. This new kind vibrating screen is especially suitable for the dry screening to moist particles.
Authors: Nian Qin Guo, Wei Liu, Wei Ping Huang
Abstract: The finite element model of the combined vibrating screen was established by using ANSYS. Modal characteristic analysis and static analysis on the whole unit of screen box were done, and natural frequencies and modal shapes in the top 15 orders were obtained, distribution regularities of stress and deformation of each part of the screen box under the static load were revealed, providing the necessary basis for the improvement design and research on screen box.
Authors: Nian Qin Guo, Wei Ping Huang
Abstract: According to the performance parameters of the main structure of the jaw crusher PC5282, movement simulation of its mechanism was done to get trajectory and the stress analysis. The three-dimensional model of the movable jaw was set up. On the COSMOSWORKS platform, finite element analysis of the movable jaw was finished to reveal the distribution laws of stress, displacement and deformation. The structure optimization of the movable jaw was also done to lighten the weight. All research was to provide references for improvement design of the movable jaw.
Authors: Nian Qin Guo, Wei Ping Huang, Jing Yao Lin
Abstract: The entity model of the combining vibrating screen was built and leaded into the multi-rigidbody dynamics software called Adams. Its kinematical simulation and analysis were done, and displacement graphs and velocity graphs of the movement of the mass center were obtained. The movement laws of the combining vibrating screen were revealed. All the researches were done to provide theories to design combining vibrating screens.
Authors: Shuang Chen, Nian Qin Guo
Abstract: Based on the virtual prototype model of super-heavy vibrating screen, the simulink software is used to analyse the transient resonance phenomenon of the 2YAC2460 shaker, the kinematics simulation curve is obtained, including the acceleration and displacement of the vibration.
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