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Authors: Ning Bo Liao, Miao Zhang, Rui Jiang, Xi Tao
Abstract: Silicon nitride presents good mechanical properties and thermal stability at high temperature. To investigate the mechanism of this unique feature demands a proper atomistic simulation, as the experiments have limitations in nano-scale characterization of chemical structure and the related properties. In this paper, the melt-quench method was used to generate the amorphous structure of silicon nitride, and then the corresponding mechanical properties were studied. The simulation results consist with the experimental results on radial distribution function and Young’s modulus.
Authors: Ning Bo Liao
Abstract: Silicon dioxide plays an important role in integrated circuits and microelectronics. However, the experiments have limitations in micro/nano-scale characterization of fracture properties at high temperatures. In this paper, the structural and fracture properties of amorphous silicon dioxide (a-SiO2) were studied at temperatures up to 1500K. The simulation results consist with the experiments on pair distribution functions, structure factor and angular distributions.
Authors: Ning Bo Liao, Miao Zhang, Rui Jiang
Abstract: For nanoscale devices and structures, interface phenomena often dominate their overall thermal behavior. The feature scale of material interfaces usually originate from nanometer length and present a hierarchical nature. Considering to the limitations of the continuum mechanics on the characterization of nano-scale, the multiscale model featuring the interface could be very important in materials design. The purpose of this review is to discuss the applications of multiscale modeling and simulation techniques to study the mechanical properties at materials interface. It is concluded that a multi-scale scheme is needed for this study due to the hierarchical characteristics of interface.
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