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Authors: Tomoyuki Sasaki, Kenta Miura, Osamu Hanaizumi, Nobuhiro Kawatsuki, Hiroshi Ono
Abstract: Nonlinear light propagation in a dye-doped liquid crystal (LC) was investigated experimentally. A laser beam with wavelength far from the absorption peak of the material was coupled into an LC cell with homogeneous alignment, and the propagation in the cell was observed. When the polarization azimuth of the incident light was orthogonal to the orientation direction of the LC, soliton-like propagation was obtained for milliwatts of light power in spite of the low absorption. We clarified that the observed nonlinearity is due principally to the photothermal effect enhanced by the dye.
Authors: Akira Emoto, Hiroshi Ono, Nobuhiro Kawatsuki
Abstract: One-dimensional multiplexed anisotropic gratings were fabricated in photoreactive polymer liquid crystals (PPLCs), and the diffraction properties were characterized. Based on the holographic technique, the overwriting process is combined with the highly-stable and –controllable molecular alignment of the PPLCs. As a result, 1st- and 2nd-order diffraction intensities variable gratings dependent on the polarization direction of probe beam were obtained without significant changing their total diffraction intensity. The multiplexed gratings can be used as polarization-selective diffractive optical elements.
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