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Authors: Eugene P. Yelsukov, V.M. Fomin, O.M. Nemtsova, D.A. Shklyaev
Authors: A.N. Maratkanova, S.F. Lomayeva, D.A. Petrov, Konstantin N. Rozanov, A.A. Chulkina, O.M. Nemtsova, Eugene P. Yelsukov
Abstract: The structure and microwave properties of composites consisting of paraffin as a dielectric host matrix and Fe particles as inclusions have been studied. The composites were prepared by the mechanochemical synthesis and contain 7.7% vol. concentration of the inclusions. The microwave properties were studied in 0.1 to 6 GHz frequency range. The microwave properties of the composites are shown to depend mostly on the size and shape of the inclusions, with the phase composition of the inclusions exerting only a slight effect. With decreasing the inclusions size, the low-frequency peak (300−400 MHz) attributed to the domain wall motion diminishes.
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