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Authors: Oh Yang Kwon, Jae Ha Shin
Abstract: CFRP laminates made of nano-particles-coated carbon fibers and damaged by a simulated lightning strike were tested under the compression-after-impact (CAI) mode, during which the damage progression was monitored by acoustic emission (AE). The effects of nano-particles coating on the degree of lightning-damage and the mechanical integrity of composite structures damaged by lightning strikes have been evaluated in terms of AE activities.
Authors: Deokki Youn, Usik Lee, Oh Yang Kwon
Abstract: In this paper, an experimental verification has been conducted for a frequency response function (FRF)-based structural damage identification method (SDIM) proposed in the previous study [1]. The FRF-based SDIM requires the natural frequencies and mode shapes measured in the intact state and the FRF-data measured in the damaged state. Experiments are conducted for the cantilevered beam specimens with one and three slots. It is shown that the proposed FRF-based SDIM provides damage identification results that agree quite well with true damage state.
Authors: Gui Ping Zhao, Chong Du Cho, Oh Yang Kwon
Abstract: In this paper, the energy absorption characteristics on extruded aluminum box-section strengthened with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) laminates and/or foam material were investigated under impact loading. Impact tests using a pneumatic impact tester were conducted with the specimens in three-point bending flexure with consideration given to the side-door impact beams in vehicles. The absorbed energy to the specimen during the impact was determined from the loaddisplacement curve, which was obtained from the strain gauge attached to the impactor and the laser displacement transducer. From the results, it was found that the strengthening by externally bonding with CFRP laminates improved the impact-induced energy absorption. Also, the effect of the improvement was clearly seen in the case of the use of filling form material in the aluminum extrusion together with attaching CFRP laminates.
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