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Authors: Jan Vanhellemont, Olivier De Gryse, Paul Clauws
Authors: Jan Vanhellemont, Olivier De Gryse, Steven Hens, Piet Vanmeerbeek, Dirk Poelman, Paul Clauws, Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys, Igor Romandic, Antoon Theuwis, G. Raskin, H. Vercammen, P. Mijlemans
Authors: Jan Vanhellemont, Steven Hens, J. Lauwaert, Olivier De Gryse, Piet Vanmeerbeek, Dirk Poelman, P. Śpiewak, Igor Romandic, Antoon Theuwis, Paul Clauws
Abstract: Recent progress is presented in the understanding of grown-in defects in Czochralskigrown germanium crystals with special emphasis on intrinsic point defects, on vacancy clustering and on interstitial oxygen. Whenever useful the results are compared with those obtained for silicon.
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