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Authors: Omer Soykasap, Şükrü Karakaya, Durmus Türkmen
Abstract: This paper presents manufacturing and testing of a 1/3-scaled demonstrator of a full-scale thin-shell reflector. The demonstrator reflector is an offset reflector with a diameter of 2 m, and a focal length of 1.6 m, and an offset distance of 0.1 m. The reflector structure is a simple monolithic structure, and consists of a reflector surface and a skirt. The skirt is an integral part of the reflector and used to stiffen the reflector. The demonstrator is made of plain-woven carbon/epoxy by vacuum assisted resin infusion process. It is aimed that the manufactured reflector has a low manufacturing cost, a high precision surface, and demonstrates capability of folding and deploying.
Authors: Omer Soykasap, Şükrü Karakaya
Abstract: In this study, the structural optimization of laminated composite plates for maximum buckling load capacity is performed by using genetic algorithm. The composite plate under consideration is a 64-ply laminate made of graphite/epoxy, is simply supported on four sides, and subject to in-plane compressive static loads. The critical buckling loads are determined for several load cases and different plate aspect ratios using 2-ply stacks of 02, ±45, 902. The problem has multiple global solutions, the results of which are compared with previously published results.
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