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Authors: P. Baumli, J. Sytchev, Zs.H. Göndör, György Kaptay
Abstract: In the present paper the chemical interaction between an alumina plate and a one-phase NaCl-KCl-K2TiF6 as well as two-phase NaCl-KCl-K2TiF6/Ti system has been studied experimentally at 700 oC during 2 hours, as function of K2TiF6 content of the melt. In all experiments the reaction product TiO2 of an exchange reaction has been found at the surface of the alumina plate. Its thickness changes through a maximum point as function of the K2TiF6-content of the melt, as a result of the competition of two processes: the exchange reaction leading to the formation of the TiO2 layer, and its dissolution in the melt.
Authors: P. Baumli, György Kaptay
Abstract: The wettability of graphite and glassy carbon surfaces by molten alkali chlorides was measured by the sessile drop method. Pure NaCl, KCl and CsCl, binary NaCl-CsCl and NaCl-KCl and ternary NaCl-KCl-CsCl compositions were measured. CsCl was found to be an interfacially active component (at the solid/liquid interface) in both binary NaCl-CsCl and ternary NaCl-KCl- CsCl systems. From the composition dependence of the interfacial energy in the NaCl-CsCl system the hypothesis is made on the possibility of the existence of 3[ 4 ] Cs NaCl complex.
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