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Authors: I. Marinova, V. Kozhukharov, E. Crdoncillo, P. Escribano, J.B. Carda
Authors: M. Llusar, J.B. Vicent, M.A. Tena, J. Badenes, P. Escribano, G. Monrós
Authors: N. Masó-Carcasés, H. Beltrán, B. Julián, P. Escribano, E. Cordoncillo
Authors: Isaac Nebot-Díaz, E. Cordoncillo, M. Irún, P. Escribano, J.B. Carda
Authors: B. Julián, J. Planelles, E. Cordoncillo, P. Escribano, C. Sanchez, P. Aschehoug, Bruno Viana, Fabienne Pellé
Abstract: In this work, Eu3+-doped CdS nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 matrix were synthesised by a sol-gel method since this method confers a great chemical homogeneity, and allows in-situ generation and controlled growth of CdS nanocrystals within the silica glass. The influence of the sol-gel conditions on the Eu3+ optical response has been investigated. The synthesis conditions can be varied to modify the structure of the material, and the dispersion of the rare earth ion, within the silica matrix. From the optical analysis an energy transfer appears from CdS nanoparticles to Eu3+ ions but also a back transfer Eu3+ to CdS nanoparticles is evidenced.
Authors: M. Marchal, E. Cordoncillo, P. Escribano, Maria Vallet-Regí, J.B. Carda
Authors: R. Stefani, Elson Longo, P. Escribano, E. Cordoncillo, J.B. Carda
Authors: E. Cordoncillo, J.B. Carda, F.J. Guaita, P. Escribano
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