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Authors: Simeon Agathopoulos, A. Tsoga, P. Nikolopoulos
Authors: N. Zouvelou, D. Skarmoutsos, P. Nikolopoulos
Authors: Simeon Agathopoulos, A.J. Calado, Jia Yue Xu, M.C. Ferro, Maria Helena F.V. Fernandes, M. Nedea, P. Nikolopoulos, Rui N. Correia
Authors: A. Tsoga, D. Skarmoutsos, P. Nikolopoulos
Authors: Simeon Agathopoulos, M. Nedea, Brandusa Ghiban, José Maria F. Ferreira, P. Nikolopoulos
Abstract: The surface energy components which govern the interfacial interactions between bioinert solid substrates of partial stabilized ZrO2 (with 3 mol% Y2O3) and a glass with a composition of 55SiO2×10Na2O×35MgO in contact with organic and biological liquids under equilibrium regime, were determined. The experimental results indicated that the interfacial bonding between zirconia and the polar liquids is result of interactions due to dispersion forces. In the case of the glass, polar forces significantly contribute to solid/liquid interfacial interactions.
Authors: D. Sotiropoulou, P. Nikolopoulos
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