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Authors: K.K. Sharma, P.S. Misra, N.C. Birla, S.N. Tewari
Authors: K.K. Sharma, P.S. Misra, D. Banerjee, S.N. Tewari, N.C. Birla
Authors: A.A.S. Ghazi, K. Chandra, P.S. Misra
Abstract: To develop a high density brake pad for low duty application, a P/M route based on ‘Hot Powder Preform Forging’ was developed, which is not possible by sintering route. The mechanical properties of these materials were characterized using ASTM standards. The limitations of the conventional technique i.e. Compacting and Sintering for the manufacture of brake pads were tried to remove by adopting this technology. It offers better opportunity for pore free materials with better bonding between metallic and non-metallic constituents. Fade and Recovery test were done by using a Krauss Tester. μfade , μrecovery and μperformance lie within the range of friction materials used for low duty applications.
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