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Authors: P. Zaumseil, A. Giussani, O. Seifarth, Tzanimir Arguirov, M.A. Schubert, T. Schroeder
Abstract: Silicon and germanium films epitaxially grown on metal oxide buffer layers on Si(111) substrates are characterized by different X-ray techniques, transmission electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. Pr2O3 and Y2O3 or a combination of both is used as buffer material. X-ray pole figure measurements and grazing incident X-ray diffraction prove that epi-semiconductor layers can be grown single crystalline with exactly the same in-plane orientation as the Si(111) substrate. Epi-Ge layers show a small fraction (less than 0.5 vol. %) of so-called type B rotation twin regions located near the oxide-Ge interface. The main structural defects for both epi materials are micro twin lamellas lying in {111} planes 70° inclined to the wafer surface that may reach through the whole layer from the oxide interface to the surface. Furthermore, TEM confirms the existence of stacking faults and threading dislocations. X-ray grazing incident diffraction and Raman measurements show that epi-Ge layers on Pr2O3 buffer are nearly fully relaxed, while epi-Si layers on Y2O3/Pr2O3 double buffer are compressive strained depending on their own thickness and the thickness of the underlying Y2O3 layer. It is demonstrated that the epi-layer quality can be improved by post-deposition annealing procedures.
Authors: P. Zaumseil, U. Winter, R. Fabbri, Marco Servidori, Sandro Solmi
Authors: Th. Morgenstern, I. Babanskaya, G. Morgenstern, K. Schmalz, P. Gaworzewski, P. Zaumseil, D. Krüger, K. Tittelbach-Helmrich, H. Kühne
Authors: A. Fischer, G. Kissinger, Hans Richter, P. Zaumseil
Authors: F. Edelman, T. Raz, Y. Komem, M. Stölzer, P. Zaumseil
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