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Authors: Ren Wu Zhang, Patrick Bell, Justin R. Proirie, Paul M. Johnson, Lindsay A. Everhart, Yan Ching Jean, Chien Chieh Hu
Abstract: Different polyamide water separation films were prepared by interfacial polymerization by using different concentrations of Ethylenediamine (EDA)/H2O and some Trimesoylchloride (TMC)/Toluene on the modified Polyacronitrile (mPAN) substrates. By applying a slow positron beam, depth profiles of relative free volume hole sizes for different films were obtained. It was found that the hole size at the skin polyamide layer was almost identical and much smaller than that in the mPAN substrate layer. The results indicate that the thickness of the polyamide layer is the major factor in controlling the performance of a membrane during water separation.
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