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Authors: Hiroaki Tsuchiya, Jan M. Macak, Irina Sieber, Patrik Schmuki
Abstract: We report the formation of self-organized porous ZrO2 layers by anodization of Zr in H2SO4 electrolytes. Anodization at 20 V after a potential sweep from open-circuit potential with a defined sweep rate results in tube-like porous ZrO2. In particular, under optimized electrolyte condition and polarization, a highly ordered porous structure is obtained. Furthermore, sponge-like porous ZrO2 is also fabricated under a specific electrochemical condition.
Authors: Patrik Schmuki, H. Böhni
Authors: R. Morach, Patrik Schmuki, H. Böhni
Authors: S. Virtanen, Patrik Schmuki, H. Böhni
Authors: Patrik Schmuki
Abstract: The paper gives an overview of recent research activities that explore new pathways to achieve selective structurization of semiconductor surfaces by electrochemical deposition or dissolution techniques. Of a particular emphasis are pathways that are based on a two step procedure: First, locally a semiconductor surface is selectively activated (or de-activated) using techniques with a high lateral resolution (focussed ion electron beam, or AFM). In a second step, an electrochemical reaction (dissolution or material deposition) is selectively carried out at sensitized surface locations. Different examples of this strategy are given including selective suppression of a surface by damage induced amorphization. Additionally, smart structuring approaches involving self-organization of deposition or dissolution processes are shortly discussed.
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