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Authors: Pierre Brosselard, Nicolas Camara, Jawad ul Hassan, Xavier Jordá, Peder Bergman, Josep Montserrat, José Millan
Abstract: An innovative process has been developed by Linköping University to prepare the 4HSiC substrate surface before epitaxial growth. The processed PiN diodes have been characterized in forward and reverse mode at different temperature. The larger diodes (2.56 mm2) have a very low leakage current around 20 nA @ 500V for temperatures up to 300°C. A performant yield (68%) was obtained on these larger diodes have a breakdown voltage superior to 500V. Electroluminescence characteristics have been done on these devices and they show that there is no generation of Stacking Faults during the bipolar conduction.
Authors: Jawad ul Hassan, Peder Bergman, Anne Henry, Henrik Pedersen, Patrick J. McNally, Erik Janzén
Abstract: We report on the growth of 4H-SiC epitaxial layer on Si-face polished nominally on-axis 2” full wafer, using Hot-Wall CVD epitaxy. The polytype stability has been maintained over the larger part of the wafer, but 3C inclusions have not been possible to avoid. Special attention has given to the mechanism of generation and propagation of 3C polytype in 4H-SiC epilayer. Different optical and structural techniques were used to characterize the material and to understand the growth mechanisms. It was found that all 3C inclusions were generated at the interface between the substrate and the epitaxial layer, and no 3C inclusions were initiated at later stages of the growth.
Authors: Anne Henry, Bo Monemar, Peder Bergman, J. Lennart Lindström, Y. Zhang, James W. Corbett
Authors: M. Godlewski, M. Surma, A.J. Zakrzewski, T. Wojtowicz, G. Karczewski, Jacek Kossut, Peder Bergman, Bo Monemar
Authors: Peder Bergman, H. Jakobsson, L. Storasta, F.H.C. Carlsson, Björn Magnusson, S.G. Sridhara, G.R. Pozina, H. Lendenmann, Erik Janzén
Authors: I.D. Booker, Jawad ul Hassan, Anders Hallén, Einar Ö. Sveinbjörnsson, Olof Kordina, Peder Bergman
Abstract: We compare two methods for post-growth improvement of bulk carrier lifetime in 4H-SiC: dry oxidations and implantations with either 12C or 14N, followed by high temperature anneals in Ar atmosphere. Application of these techniques to samples cut from the same wafer/epilayer yields 2- to 11-fold lifetime increases, with the implantation/annealing technique shown to give greater maximum lifetimes. The maximum lifetimes reached are ~5μs after 12C implantation at 600°C and annealing in Ar for 180 minutes at 1500°C. Higher temperatures give decreased lifetimes, a result which differs from reports in literature.
Authors: L. Storasta, Björn Magnusson, Anne Henry, Margareta K. Linnarsson, Peder Bergman, Erik Janzén
Authors: Peder Bergman, H. Lendenmann, Per Åke Nilsson, Ulf Lindefelt, P. Skytt
Authors: F.H.C. Carlsson, S.G. Sridhara, Anders Hallén, Peder Bergman, Erik Janzén
Authors: M. Godlewski, Peder Bergman, Bo Monemar, B. Koziarska, A. Suchocki, G. Karczewski, T. Wojtowicz, Jacek Kossut, A. Waag, D. Hommel
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