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Authors: Penchal Reddy Matli, Ubaid Fareeha, Rana Abdul Shakoor, Moinuddin Yusuf, Adel Mohamed Amer Mohamed, Manoj Gupta
Abstract: This work aims to investigate the effect of SiC addition on structural, microstructural and mechanical properties of developed Al-Sic nanocomposites. Al metal matrix composites reinforced by nanosized SiC particles were fabricated using high energy ball milling and microwave sintering process followed by hot extrusion. The XRD analysis indicated that the dominant components were Al and SiC. SEM/EDX micrographs showed homogenous distribution of SiC nanoparticles in Al matrix. Mechanical characterizations revealed that the addition of nanosize SiC particulates to a simultaneous increase in microhardnes, yield strength, ultimate compressive/tensile strength and reduction in ductility of the matrix. This improvement in mechanical properties can be attributed to the homogeneous distribution of reinforcement (SiC particles) and dispersion strengthening mechanism.
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