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Authors: Peter Zimovčák, Tibor Köves, Ján Dusza, Ladislav Pešek, Francis Chalvet, Goffredo de Portu
Abstract: Micro- and macro-hardness of the individual layers of an Al2O3 / Al2O3 + ZrO2 layered composite have been investigated. The indentation load size effect has been studied in a range of indentation load of 25 mN – 100 N using depth sensing indentation technique and conventional Vickers hardness testers. Fracture toughness values of the layers have been measured using indentation fracture method. The effect of residual stresses on the KIC value has been analyzed.
Authors: M. Henžel, Peter Zimovčák, Ján Dusza, András Juhász, Janos Lendvai
Abstract: Indentation methods have been used for the study of the hardness and deformation characteristics MoSi2. Micro-nanoindentation tests at loads from 10 mN to 2000 mN were carried out using the depth-sensing method. Measurements of the microhardness using conventional Vickers method was carried out at loads of 500 mN, 1000 mN and 2000 mN. The Universal (Martens), Plastic and conventional Vickers hardness values were calculated at different indentation loads. Evident indentation load - size effect was found in both materials. According to the results, the pre-strain reduces the micro-nano hardness values, probably due to the activation of slip systems during the high-temperature deformation.
Authors: Peter Zimovčák, Tibor Köves, Ján Dusza, Francis Chalvet, Goffredo de Portu
Abstract: The aim of the paper is to present an analytical model of thermal stresses in a laminar system, and consequently to verify the model validity by comparing calculated thermal stresses with measured ones by indentation method. Analytical models of thermal stresses acting in anisotropic and isotropic laminar plane systems are presented, and consequently applied to the thermal-stress-strengthened Al2O3-ZrO2 laminar ceramics.
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