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Authors: Francois Templier, Pierre Ferret, Lea Di Cioccio, Emmanuel Collard, André Lhorte, Thierry Billon
Authors: Pierre Ferret, A. Leray, G. Feuillet, P. Lyan, C. Pudda, Thierry Billon
Authors: Jérôme Mezière, Michel Pons, Jean Marc Dedulle, Elisabeth Blanquet, Pierre Ferret, Lea Di Cioccio, Thierry Billon
Authors: Jessica Eid, Jean Louis Santailler, Bernard Ferrand, Pierre Ferret, J. Pesenti, Alain Basset, Antoine Passero, Alkyoni Mantzari, Efstathios K. Polychroniadis, Carole Balloud, P. Soares, Jean Camassel
Abstract: Cubic-silicon carbide crystals have been grown from solution by using the traveling-zone method. In this technique a molten silicon zone heated by induction coils is held between two rods of polycrystalline silicon carbide. Due to the growth set-up and boundary conditions, different mass transfer mechanisms are operative : diffusion, buoyancy, Marangoni convection and forced convection. The growth experiments have been performed on various seed crystals. Cubic SiC crystals were grown with a [111] habit on the [0001] silicon faces of 4H SiC seeds. The polytype 3C-SiC was identified by Transmission Electron Microscopy. Micro Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence analyses showed good crystalline quality with few 6H inclusions.
Authors: Jérôme Mezière, Pierre Ferret, Elisabeth Blanquet, Michel Pons, Lea Di Cioccio, Thierry Billon
Authors: Michel Pons, Elisabeth Blanquet, Jean Marc Dedulle, M. Ucar, Peter J. Wellmann, Örjan Danielsson, Pierre Ferret, Lea Di Cioccio, Francis Baillet, Didier Chaussende, Roland Madar
Abstract: Modeling and simulation of the SiC growth process is sufficiently mature to be used as a training tool for engineers as well as a decision making tool, e.g. when building new process equipment or up-scaling old ones. It is possible to simulate accurately temperature and deposition distributions, as well as doping. The key of success would be the combined use of simulation, experiments and characterization in a "daily interaction". The main limitation in SiC growth modeling is the accurate knowledge of physical, thermal, radiative, chemical and electrical data for the different components of the reactor. This is the weakest link in developing completely predictive models. In addition, the link between the thermochemical history of the grown material and its structure and defects still needs further development and input of experimental data.
Authors: Michel Pons, Jérôme Mezière, Stephane Wan Tang Kuan, Elisabeth Blanquet, Pierre Ferret, Lea Di Cioccio, Thierry Billon, Roland Madar
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