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Authors: Pierre Steinmetz, Christophe Rapin
Authors: Pierre Steinmetz, Christophe Rapin
Authors: D. Lizarazu, Pierre Steinmetz, J.L. Bernard
Authors: J. Steinmetz, Pierre Steinmetz, Anne Marie Huntz
Authors: P. Lamesle, Michel Vilasi, J.M. Claude, Pierre Steinmetz
Authors: Laurent Royer, Stéphane Mathieu, Christophe Liebaut, Pierre Steinmetz
Abstract: For energy production and also for the glass industry, finding new refractory alloys which could permit to increase the process temperatures to 1200°C or more is a permanent challenge. Chromium base alloys can be good candidates, considering the melting point of Cr itself, and also its low corrosion rate in molten glass. Two families of alloys have been studied for this purpose, Cr-Mo-W and Cr-Ta-X alloys (X= Mo, Si..). A finer selection of compositions has been done, to optimize their chemical and mechanical properties. Kinetics of HT oxidation by air, of corrosion by molten glass and also creep properties of several alloys have been measured up to 1250°C. The results obtained with the best alloys (Cr-Ta base) give positive indications as regards the possibility of their industrial use.
Authors: P. Lamesle, Pierre Steinmetz, Michel Vilasi, J.M. Claude
Authors: Patrice Berthod, S. Raude, A.S. Renck, Christophe Rapin, Renaud Podor, Pierre Steinmetz
Authors: S. Diliberto, Christophe Rapin, Pierre Steinmetz, Patrice Berthod
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