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Authors: Chang Chou Hwang, Ping Huey Tang, Chia Ming Chang
Abstract: This paper aims to develop a small permanent magnet (PM) synchronous generator for direct-coupled, low-speed wind turbine applications. The generator, rated 3-phase 110 V and 1 kW is designed as an outer rotor structure. The design and optimization of the generator is done with the aid of the electromagnetic field analysis based on the finite element method.
Authors: Chang Chou Hwang, Chia Ming Chang, Ping Huey Tang
Abstract: This paper presents a 3-phase, 7 kW, 3900 rpm, 4-pole, 12-slot interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous motor for machine tool applications. To reduce the torque pulsations of the initial designed motor, three small circular holes are drilled in the magnetic island, and the Taguchi parameter method coupled with the finite element method (FEM) analysis is employed to minimize the level of cogging torque, torque ripple and magnet volume of the motor. Results from the optimized motor demonstrate that the motor is favorable regarding cogging torque minimization, torque ripple minimization and magnet volume minimization
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