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Authors: Ping Zhu, Xin Jiong Zhang, Jin Hua Wu, Yun Feng Xu, Ming Zhou
Abstract: Zn electrodeposited directly on the surface of AZ31 Mg alloy was researched in this paper. Zinc fluoride which was dissolved in ammonium citrate solution was used as metal ion source. The interface and morphology of Zn coating were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).The results showed that Zn coating was smooth and dense. The experiment of making lattice on Zn coating showed good adhesion. The corrosion resistance of Zn coating was carried out in 5% NaCl solution, and its stabilization time was more than 5hrs. Cyclic voltammetry and polarization curve were used to investigate the transfer behavior and state of zinc ion in electrolyte. It indicated that Zn existed in the forms of three complex states in electroplating solution and ZnL proportion increased with increasing pH value. It was known that complex Zn electrodeposited directly on the cathode.
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