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Authors: Sayed Abboudy, Maher Soueidan, Qassem Al Asaad, Laurent Auvray, Gabriel Ferro, Mohamad Roumie, Bilal Nsouli
Abstract: In this work, the capability of the proton Induced γ-ray Emission (PIGE) technique to monitor a rapid, nondestructive and quantification of Boron in ultra-thin films of BxGa1-xAs deposited on GaAs substrate using MOCVD is discussed. In order to improve the sensitivity for B detection, a systematic study was undertaken using proton induced beam at three different energies (from 1.7, 2.4 and 3 MeV) with different tilting angles (0, 60° and 80°). Best conditions were found to be at 1.7 MeV and at 80° for proton energy and tilting angle within ten minutes of acquisition time.
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