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Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Qi Long Pang, Jing He Wang, Kai Cheng
Abstract: 3Dfractal dimension and 2D profile fractal dimension distribution of the surfaces made by brittle or ductile grinding are calculated. From the calculated results of 3D fractal dimension, it can be found that the microtopograhpy of ductile ground surface is more exquisite than brittle ground surface and 3D fractal dimension Ds has inverse relation with the roughness parameter Rq. Through the analysis of 2D profile fractal dimension distribution in different ground surfaces, it is revealed that the topography of ground surface is changed with grinding parameters such as ground surfaces may have weakly or strongly anisotropic even isotropic features when different grinding parameters are adopted. Using fractal method to analyze the topography of ground surface is helpful to understand the generating mechanism of surface topography.
Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Qi Long Pang, Jing He Wang, K. Cheng
Abstract: Fractal and wavelet methods have been used in this study to analyze the KDP surfaces machined by accurate milling and SPDT (Single Point Diamond Turning) method respectively. Through the 2D wavelet method, the 3D origin machined surfaces were separated into the 3D overlaying roughness surfaces and 3D material structure surfaces. The overlaying roughness surfaces were composed of a large number of length scales superimposed roughness surfaces that are generated from the various vibrations in the machining process. The wavelet method can analyze the information of spatial frequency (vibrations in the machining process) and fractal method can reveal the intrinsic properties of roughness topography. Compared with the conventional methods, the integration of wavelet and fractal is more suitable to characterize the machined crystal KDP surface.
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