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Authors: Qi Wang, Lai Wang, Bei Jiang, Hui Li, Qing Fang Liu
Abstract: A two-span, three-story steel frame with two web and top-seat angle connections was constructed. Then a low-cycled reverse loading experiment with this frame was conducted to obtain elastic-plastic behavior of semi-rigid connections steel frame under cyclic loading. And nonlinear finite element analysis of steel frame with semi-rigid and rigid connection is performed in this paper. At last, comparisons between the analysis results and the testing results are carried out, the behavior and the effects of the two web and top-seat angles connections on steel frame are analyzed.
Authors: Hui Li, Bei Jiang, Bin Yang, Qi Wang, Hong Tao Wang, Zhi Li, Wei Teng Li
Abstract: The finite models of U-steel support, grid steel frame, hollow steel tube support and concrete filled steel tube support were established, of which mechanical property and influencing factor such as bearing capacity, support effect etc. was analyzed. Comparative analysis of economic benefit was carried out through research of material dosage and support effect index. The contractible joint for concrete filled steel tube was designed, and their mechanical characteristic was analyzed through test. The results show that the supporting performance of concrete filled steel tube support is related to confinement coefficient. Compared with traditional support, the concrete filled steel tube support has high bearing capacity, intensive later strength, good ductility, various standards and well economic benefits, and in conjunction with contractible joint, it is able to implement functions of quantitatively increasing resistance and yielding. Properly designed through optimization analysis on associated effects, the concrete filled steel tube support can meet supporting demand of deep soft rock and joint broken rock.
Authors: Qi Wang, Bei Jiang, Shu Cai Li, Han Peng Wang, Wei Teng Li, Zhi Li
Abstract: The finite element contrast model such as concrete filled steel tube support, U-steel support and hollow steel tube support were established with ANSYS software, combining with engineering practice and relative design scheme of concrete filled steel tube test, respectively analysis their influencing factors and mechanical properties such as support effect, bearing capacity and so on. The economic benefit of each support was been analysised by comprehensive comparison of the material using condition and mechanical performance. The results show that, comparing with traditional U-steel support, retractable concrete filled steel tube support is a new style support with high bearing capacity, a large variety of sizes, higher economic benefit, and hence fit to support the deep soft rock broken jointed rock mass.
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