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Authors: Qian Wang
Abstract: In order to produce new generation monolayer brazing CBN(cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels, an active filler alloys(Ag-Cu-Ti) were tested in vacuum furnace. The results show that Ag-Cu-Ti alloy exhibits good wetting and bonding toward as CBN grits. SEMEDS microanalyses have shown that during brazing Ti in Ag-Cu-Ti alloy segregated preferentially to the surface of the CBN to form a Ti-rich reaction produce. X-ray diffraction reveals that the wetting and bonding behaviour on CBN surface by Ag-Cu-Ti alloy melt is realized through TiN and TiB2 which is produced by interaction between Ti atoms of Ag-Cu-Ti alloy and N or B atoms of CBN surface.
Authors: Qian Wang
Abstract: Compared with ordinary coatings, nano-composite coating usually has a higher hardness and better wear and corrosion resistance. As coating materials, the nano-CeO2/Zn composites were prepared by nano-CeO2 and Zn powder. The microstructure was investigated by XRD and FESEM. The corrosion resistance and hardness of nano-CeO2/Zn composites with different amount of nano-CeO2 were comparatively studied. The results show that the metal corrosion resistance, hardness and density of the composites may be improved significantly by addition of nano-CeO2, and the optimal amount of nano-CeO2 is 1%.
Authors: Guang Si Luo, Qian Wang
Abstract: In this paper, the one bath dyeing technology of wool and silk was studied, which were colored with neolan dye. The best dyeing conditions of homochromatic property were obtained by the optimization of the dyeing temperature and heat preservation time and the adjustment of the auxiliaries, when the wool and silk dyeing in the same bath. Experiments show that the best homochromatic property of wool and silk in one bath dyeing was obtained when the dyeing temperature was 85°C-95°C, the heat preservation time was 30 minutes and the amount of sodium sulphate was 20g/L.
Authors: Qian Wang, Zi Ming Xu
Abstract: Gate location and number setting are the key technology in injection molding. Flow direction and balanced flow of polymer depend on gate location and number whose optimization can promote product quality. Gate location and number of air switch side-axis were analyzed in injection flowing process with CAE software Moldflow. According the simulation results, the best gate location and number were set up. The study result is preparations for further injection system design and it provides evidence for mold optimization design. By utilizing the simulation results, the product quality is improved and the designing cycle is shortened.
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