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Authors: Chang Hua Qiu, Qiang Song, Li Jie Zhou
Abstract: The ship-based helicopter is always dangling in the sea because of winds and waves. It is necessary to analyze and calculate the mooring of helicopter. In order to void the complex derivation of mathematical formulas, the parameterized finite element method (FEM) model about the ship-based helicopter body, mooring cable and mooring base is established with the software ADAMS. This model is used to calculate the mooring tension and optimize the locations of the mooring bases. In the various layouts of the mooring bases, the minimal mooring tension is the layout optimization object. After some added constraint conditions are considered, the mooring point coordinates are searched and calculated in the standard and nonstandard parking positions with subproblem approximation method. Through the comparison and analysis of the relative changing ratio of the position coordinates, the final optimization layout scheme is obtained.
Authors: Neng Jian Wang, Li Jie Zhou, Qiang Song, De Fu Zhang
Abstract: The jack-knifing tendency of aircraft traction system during braking was discussed and analyzed using multi-body dynamics models that consist of aircraft-towing tractor, aircraft draw link and aircraft. The braking critical conditions of the aircraft traction system for straight-line braking and turning braking were discussed and analyzed respectively. In the case of straight-line braking, the effect of friction coefficient on the maximum braking torque is described. In the case of turning braking, the relationship between the maximum baking torque and relative angle is obtained.
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