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Authors: Fang Lian, Zhong Bao Yu, Sheng Wen Zhong, Li Hua Xu, Qing Guo Liu
Abstract: AA size Li-ion batteries using LiCoO2, MCMB and lithium metal as cathode, anode and reference electrode respectively were assembled, in order to study the individual effect of anode and cathode on the cyclic and overcharge performances. The experimental results showed that the LiCoO2 cathode was the main electrode related to the capacity decay and discharge voltage drop. Increasing polarization of the LiCoO2 cathode, especially at overcharge situation, and the irreversible change of cathode structure led to reduction of discharge capacity and voltage plateau of batteries.
Authors: Fang Lian, Yan Li, Yang Hu, Sheng Wen Zhong, Li Hua Xu, Qing Guo Liu
Abstract: The rate capability of 18650 lithium-ion cells was studied in the paper. The experimental results showed that the reversible capacity declined to 89.5, 85.8 and 81.2% of the initial capacity after 300 cycles at discharge rate of 0.5, 1 and 2C, respectively. The XRD and SAED analysis indicated that at a high current density partial positive electrode material LiCoO2 transformed gradually from well-layered structure to rock salt cubic crystal. Upon the cycling, the degradation of cathode materials’ structure and much thicker negative film on anode electrode surface contributed to the rate capability fade.
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