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Authors: Bo Li, Qing Jian Liu, Zhi Feng Qiao, Jing Chuan Dong, Qing Liu
Abstract: This paper focus on a motion control card based on DSP, designed an interface communication between DSP and industrial PC. After a contrast about several methods of communication, this interface take the Dual-port RAM as the final way. This communication method regard the DRAM as the sharing storage unit, use the semaphores of the DRAM chip to prevent visiting the same address at same time on boths port and achieve the high speed communication between DSP and PC104.
Authors: You Fen Li, Qing Liu, Wei Wei Liu, Min Li
Abstract: Dense Mullite/Al2O3 ceramics with a thermal conductivity of 45 W/m.K were obtained at the sintering temperature of 1500°C using Li2O, CaO and Y2O3 as additives. At temperature below 1500°C, the shrinkage of Mullite/Al2O3 ceramics is promoted by liquid LiAlSi2O6 and Al2Y4O9. Liquid LiAlSi2O6 mainly improves the densification of the sample when the sintering temperature increases to 1500°C. The formation of liquid phase at a relatively low temperature results in homogeneous Al2Y4O9 and Ca(Al2Si2O8) distributed around the Mullite/Al2O3 particles, which benefits the thermal conductivity improved.
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