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Authors: Feng Zhou Fang, Yu Chan Liu, Qing Xiang Pei, Xiao Tang Hu
Abstract: A new method on examining the micro cracks of monocrystalline silicon during nano indentation is proposed. It is established based on a study of the increasing rate of absorbed energy in nano indentation. This method provides a simple approach in understanding whether cracks on the silicon surfaces occur, while it is tedious in conventional method.
Authors: Qing Xiang Pei, B.H. Hu, C. Lu
Abstract: Thermo-mechanical finite element analysis was carried out to study the deformation behavior and temperature distribution during equal channel angular pressing (ECAP). The material model used is the Johnson-Cook constitution model that can consider the multiplication effect of strain, strain rate, and temperature on the flow stress. The effects of pressing speed, pressing temperature, workpiece material and die geometry on the temperature rise and flow behavior during ECAP process were investigated. The simulated temperature rise due to deformation heating was compared with published experimental results and a good agreement was obtained. Among the various die geometries studied, the two-turn die with 0° round corner generates the highest and most uniform plastic strain in the workpiece.
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