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Authors: Rajko M. Šašić, P.M. Lukić
Abstract: Carriers mobility model of olygomer and polymer semiconductor based OFET (Organic Field Effect Transistor) structures is presented in this paper. Starting from the conduction mechanism in the mentioned organic materials, a carrier mobility dependence on temperature, electric field and trap density μ(T,E,NT) was investigated, inspiring directly the current-voltage I(V) model of OFET structures. Subsequent simulations were also performed and the obtained results compared with the data available in the literature.
Authors: Karlo T. Raić, Rajko M. Šašić, Menka Petkovska
Authors: P.M. Lukić, R.M. Ramović, Rajko M. Šašić
Abstract: In this paper a new analytical carrier mobility model of a heterostructure unipolar transistor, High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT), is presented. The influence of the two dimensional electron gas confined in a HEMT channel on the device carrier mobility, is considered. The mobility dependence on temperature is also included in the model. Advantages of this model are its simplicity and straightforward implementation. Besides, it promises to be applied to quite different types of HEMTs. The model was tested. The results derived from simulations based on the proposed model are in very good agreement with the already known experimental data and theoretically obtained ones, available in literature.
Authors: P.M. Lukić, R.M. Ramović, Rajko M. Šašić
Abstract: The focus of this paper was the investigation and modeling of transport characteristics in a strained SiGe based MOSFET structure, which might be of fundamental importance for the understanding of its operating characteristics. In the investigation, carrier mobility dependence on the lateral and vertical electric field is especially considered. Carrier mobility models for long channel as well as short channel SiGe MOSFETs are also presented. Average effective electric field model is proposed taking into account impact of high electric field effects on the effective channel length. In the final effective carrier mobility model, for the short channel SiGe MOSFETs, serial drain to source resistance is included. At the same time, proposed models are relatively simple. By using the presented model, simulations were performed.
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