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Authors: Atsuo Kawasuso, F. Redmann, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg, Peter Sperr, Thomas Frank, Michael Weidner, Gerhard Pensl, Hisayoshi Itoh
Authors: Andreas Wagner, Wolfgang Anwand, Maik Butterling, Thomas E. Cowan, Fine Fiedler, Mathias Kempe, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg
Abstract: A new type of a positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) system has been set up at the superconducting electron accelerator ELBE [ at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. In contrast to existing source-based PALS systems, the approach described here makes use of an intense photon beam from electron bremsstrahlung which converts through pair production into positrons inside the sample under study. The article focusses on the production of intense bremsstrahlung using a superconducting electron linear accelerator, the production of positrons inside the sample under study, the efficient detector setup which allows for annihilation lifetime and Doppler-broadening spectroscopy simultaneously. Selected examples of positron annihilation spectroscopy are presented.
Authors: J. Gebauer, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg, C. Domke, Ph. Ebert, K. Urban
Authors: N.Yu. Arutyunov, Valentin V. Emtsev, E. Sayed, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg
Abstract: Angular correlation of annihilation radiation technique (ACAR) has been used for studying a microstructure of the vacancy-group-V-impurity complexes (DV) formed by irradiation with 60Co γ – rays at Tirr. ≈ 280K in oxygen-lean n-Ge doped with group-V-impurity atoms As, Sb, and Bi. The probability of annihilation of positrons with the core electrons of DV complexes to be reconstructed from ACAR spectra has been analyzed on the basis of Chapman-Kolmogorov formalism; the Coulomb repulsion is proved to regulate the penetration of a positron into Ge4+ and D5+ ion cores. In passing from AsV to SbV and BiV complexes the ion cores D5+ are found to contribute more effectively to the probability of the positron annihilation in the core region. These data correlate well with the augmentation of the entropy of ionization (4S ~ 2,9 ÷ 4,2K) observed by means of capacitance transient techniques with the use of Au-Ge Schottky barriers in the same row of a similar vacancy-impurity complexes. The results obtained by ACAR spectroscopy suggest the full-vacancy configuration of DV pair with relaxation of atoms inward towards the vacancy.
Authors: P. Specht, S. Jeong, Hoon Sohn, M. Luysberg, A. Prasad, J. Gebauer, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg, Eicke R. Weber
Authors: A.M. Massoud, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg, H.Th. Langhammer, J. Gebauer, M. Mohsen
Authors: C.G. Hübner, H.S. Leipner, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg
Authors: J. Gebauer, T.E.M. Staab, F. Redmann, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg
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