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Authors: Xiao Feng Wu, Yu Chao Liao, Ren Liang Yue, Yun Fa Chen
Abstract: Based on the growth kinetics of the SiO2 particles, we studied the kinetic hetero-precipitation process on the interface of polystyrene (PS) microscale particles. The nanoscale SiO2 shell thickness increased with increasing time and was proportional to the square root of the initial concentration of TEOS precursor while governed by hetero-precipitation process. Moreover, the hetero-precipitation process followed the first-order growth mechanism of silica onto the surface of templating PS pariticles. Properly controlling the reagent concentrations could alleviate and even avoid, to a certain extent, aggregation among PS@SiO2 particles that could otherwise have an adverse effect on the properties and applications of those composite particles and the corresponding SiO2 hollow products.
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