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Authors: Ren Wang Li, Jun Le Cheng, Xin Li Wu, Can Lin Mo
Abstract: From the point of view of resistance, inductance and capacitance in physics, this paper firstly analyzed the similarities of their characteristics to various Mass Customization (i.e. MC) product costs, under the idea of overall product. Then, the conversion model between them was set up according to these similarities. Through making using of the system description method in Modern Control Theory, the system state equations of RLC series circuit were introduced. And meanwhile, the MC product cost optimization model based on Modern Control Theory was set forth. Finally, an example was given to illustrate the method put forward here, and some effective results were obtained.
Authors: Qian Yin, Yong Jian Sun, Wei Zong Zhou, Xia Jing Ni, Kun Chang Chen, Ren Wang Li
Abstract: Considering the problem that current configuration design method is mainly faced for professionals, based-on the analysis of different customers’ respective understanding of products and configuration methods, a function-structure configuration method of mass customization product is proposed according to the general design process from function to structure. Meanwhile, in the configuration real-time related analyses and advices are provided customers, which would guide customers to complete configuration design of personal product rapidly. Finally, a wheel lock configuration case is given to illustrate the proposed method.
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