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Authors: Torsten Rabe, Rolf Prümmer, Rolf Waesche
Authors: Rolf Waesche, Carl Paulick, Gabriele Steinborn, V. Richter, M. Werner
Abstract: It has been successfully demonstrated that ceramic materials can be joined in the green state without a second phase by using low pressure injection molded parts. The investigation of the joining interface revealed that a high quality interface can be achieved by carefully adjusting the different manufacturing steps. The use of monomodal particle size distribution in the used powder CT3000SG is inferior to a broader particle size distribution obtained by replacing 33% of the finer alumina powder by coarser CT1200SG. In this way the dewaxing process is significantly improved when the wall thickness of the part exceeds 3 mm. The investigation of the mechanical properties of the joined and sintered parts revealed, that the bending strength of the joined specimens achieved about 80 % of the unjoined, monolithic specimens.
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