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Authors: Hong Yuan Zheng, Rong Zhang, Yan Qing Hu, Rong Liu
Abstract: Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) is highly valuable in the field of monitoring the quality of drinking water. But as a result of the limitation of experiment platform and realization technology, the previous study cannot extract the characteristics which can reflect the toxicity of water real-time and accurately. This paper discusses a new experiment platform which can replace the fish tank, adjust the focal length of the camera and measure the swimming speed of medaka automatically. In order to achieve these functions, a precision positioning system using feedback technology, a pair of autofocus mechanism, a new observation method and a set of machine vision algorithm were adopted in this platform. The preliminary test results show that the designed platform and machine vision algorithm for extracting the characteristic information of medaka are effective and feasible. The platform can be widely applied to study some toxic substances' effects on medaka and to assess the degree of risk of the drinking water.
Authors: Xiao Yang Zhao, Rong Liu, Ke Wang, Jun Hu He
Abstract: This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready paper for In this paper, the pulse vibrating suction method (PVSM) for wall climbing robot is presented, which is based on the principle of vibrating suction method. To analyze this method in depth and evaluate its performance, a simplified mathematical model based on some assumptions is built, and a new experimental platform for single suction cup is developed as well. Experiments on single suction cups indicate that the experimental results match the mathematical model well with only small deviation, which is caused by some unknown factors. Then experiments are carried out on a vibrating suction module which was developed previously. With the PVSM, the suction module can stay on the wall stabely, which verifies the vadality of this vibrating method. Suction failures for the module are also analyzed with different control parameters.
Authors: Tong Xue, Rong Liu, Shi Min Zhai
Abstract: Aiming at the environment of the underground coal mine combined with the advantage of the articulated-tracked mobile robot at present, a flameproof mobile robot which can detect and rescue for underground coal mine is designed. By analyzed of obstacle crossing mechanism for the robot, necessary conditions for robot obstacle crossing successfully were proposed, and the gait of robot obstacle crossing was programmed. The conclusion can be provided for the same type robots structural design and optimization.
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