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Authors: Darika Jaaoh, Roseleena Jarawae, Maimoon Intan, Huseng Chaidana
Abstract: The combination of elastic natural rubber (NR) and conductive graphene were assessed for such improved electromechanical properties that are promising material in an actuator applications. For this work, dielectric elastomer composite films were prepared with varied graphene contents. These films were fabricated by solution casting method. The morphology along with electrical and mechanical properties, and specifically the electrostrictive coefficient, were studied. The electrostrictive behavior was determined from electric field induced strain, observed with a photonic displacement apparatus in the film thickness direction. It is shown that the electrostrictive coefficient for the NR/Graphene composite has already raised over 3.7 times compared to the neat natural rubber by the reason of an interfacial polarization. The surface between NR matrix and graphene filler generates the larger permittivity. Meanwhile, the Young's modulus was quite invariant. Consequently, the enlarging of the electrostrictive coefficient under low electric field of the NR/Graphene composites is representing a potentially good actuation response base on the electrostriction phenomena.
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