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Authors: Ling Bin Kong, Xiao Wei Wang, Ru Tao Wang, Yong Chun Luo, Long Kang
Abstract: Ag nanoparticles have been fabricated on the surface of CMK-3 mesoporous carbon through an immersion-electrodeposition (IE) technique. Transmission electron microscopy analysis indicated that it was a facile approach to electrochemically prepare nano-sized Ag clusters. Electrochemical experiments showed that Ag nanoproducts were efficient electrocatalysts for anodic oxidation of formaldehyde in alkaline solutions, and as the reduced of the potential value, the electrocatalytic peak current density for the formaldehyde electro-oxidation reaction was increased gradually. Also, the electrocatalytic activity of Ag/CMK-3 nanocatalysts for formaldehyde electro-oxidation is higher than that of Ag/XC-72 nanocatalysts. These findings represented a significant step toward the implementation of individual Ag/CMK-3 nanocatalysts as anodic materials in fuel cells and sensors.
Authors: Ling Bin Kong, Ru Tao Wang, Xiao Wei Wang, Zhen Sheng Yang, Yong Chun Luo, Long Kang
Abstract: Metal nanocatalysts, as the anodic materials, have become increasingly important in fuel cells due to their unique physical and chemical properties. Here we report the ordered mesoporous carbon (CMK-3) supported silver nanocatalysts have been prepared through the wet chemical reduction by using the reduction of formaldehyde. The electrochemical properties of the Ag/CMK-3 nanocatalysts for formaldehyde oxidation are studied by cyclic voltammograms (CV) and chronoamperometric curves (i-t) in alkaline aqueous solutions. The results show that the peak current density (from CV) of the Ag/CMK-3 electrode is 112 mA cm-2, above 2 times higher than that of Ag/XC-72 at the same Ag loading (14.15 μg cm-2). Furthermore, the i-t curves demonstrate that the Ag/CMK-3 nanocatalysts are efficient and stable electrocatalysts for anodic oxidation of formaldehyde in alkaline solutions. Our results indicate that the application potential of Ag/CMK-3 nanocatalysts with the improved electrocatalytic activity has far reaching effects on fuel cells and sensors.
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