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Authors: Cheng Qing Liu, Xin Long Xiao, Rui Liang, Shi Chun Zhao
Abstract: Based on the current methods of damage detection, a new detection damage model was proposed in order to search a more efficient detection method for reinforced concrete high-rise building damage induced by earthquake. This model is based on the regularity of change in the damping ratio of high-rise buildings, and the high order modes, mode participation coefficient and measure method of natural frequency, together with the type of structures, are taken into account in the model. The shaking test results for a model of reinforced concrete high-rise buildings show that the damage detection results based on the proposed model are close to the test results.
Authors: Cheng Qing Liu, Rui Liang, Wei Xing Shi
Abstract: Several force finding methods for the tensegrity structures, coupled with their limitations, are simply reviewed. Based on the equilibrium matrix theory and the judgment of structure’s geometrical stability, a new mathematical model, which considering the uniformity as well as the tension-compression condition of elements prestress, is proposed in this paper. The author write a corresponding MATLAB program by using the Fish-swarm Algorithm, and an example of multi states of self-stress tensegrity structrue is presented. The results show that the proposed mathematical optimization model can solve the force-finding problem of any multi states of self-stress tensegrity structure accurately and efficiently.
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