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Authors: Ye Min Guo, Lan Mei Wang, Rui Yong Xue
Abstract: According to the requirements of measurement of plantar pressure and shear stress in the meantime, this thesis puts forward a plan to construct a new insole plantar pressure and shear stress system based on multifunction data acquisition modular and Lab VIEW. Then the hardware part and software part are designed and developed respectively. There are 3 sensors are arrayed at each measurement point, that means 3 sensors are assembled in 3 different directions of X,Y and Z . The piezoelectric ceramic type sensors are designed, manufactured and calibrated according to scientific methods. Meanwhile, the DAQ card is selected carefully. Of course, the software part is developed based on Lab VIEW. A series of tests are performed in order to validate the function of the measurement system. The results satisfy the anticipated design requirements. At last, the problems and application trend of the measurement system are predicted.
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