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Authors: Tao Li, Run Xiao Wang, Li Jun Song, Zhi Qing Luo
Abstract: According to idea of lean production, in order to shorten production preparation time, production preparation package is brought forward. The concept, flow and performance management about production preparation package is introduced. Production efficiency is improved and cost of production is reduced in the aeronautical manufacturing enterprises.
Authors: Ya Luo Yang, Run Xiao Wang, Xiang Chen Ku, Wei Huang
Abstract: In this paper, a new pattern of software design was put forward by the research of traditional design pattern, which is based on configuration conception to design software. The application of configuration conception in some software system was discussed in detail.
Authors: Xiao Peng Jiang, Run Xiao Wang, Tao Li, Zhi Qing Luo, Dong Bo Wang
Abstract: Reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMS) offer capabilities for quick adjustment of production capacity and functionality in response to sudden changes in market conditions. Both at the system and at the cell level exception events occur dynamically and unpredictably during the production process. These exceptions interrupt the production process by causing errors in the schedule plan. Error/ exception handling is the policy how to deal with errors caused by the occurrence of out-of-ordinary events. Author explores the new strategies to handling error events and proposes an intelligent control structure for real-time error handling, and illustrates the reconfiguration ability is the new crucial technological factor enabling new strategies to handle out-of-ordinary events of the production process.
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