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Authors: Shi Chun Mu, M. Pan, Run Zhang Yuan
Abstract: Some minerals were considered to store hydrogen on the basis of their porous crystal structure. Besides of crystal graphite and zeolite, some natural clay minerals such as palygorskite-sepiolite minerals with nano-scale channels and polar surface can also store hydrogen. The hydrogen storage mechanism of porous minerals was discussed. The experimental results showed a potential application of palygorskite-sepiolite minerals as the media of hydrogen storage.
Authors: Qing Jie Zhang, Peng Cheng Zhai, Run Zhang Yuan
Authors: M. Pan, Xin Sheng Yang, C.H. Shen, Run Zhang Yuan
Authors: Hao Wang, Zheng Yi Fu, Wei Min Wang, Qing Jie Zhang, Run Zhang Yuan
Authors: Gang Qin Shao, Jing Kun Guo, J.R. Xie, Hong Hua Cai, Xing Long Duan, Jian Li, Run Zhang Yuan
Authors: H. Zheng, Z.A. Tan, X. Jian, Run Zhang Yuan
Authors: Zheng Yi Fu, Run Zhang Yuan, Wei Min Wang
Authors: X.H. Li, Y.D. Zhu, Jing He Wang, Hong Yan Tang, Run Zhang Yuan
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